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Life with another dog

My cousin's Australian Shepherd Riker, in all his glory

By Michael Radoslav

I live with a dog…that’s such a weird thing to write. It’s not like we split on rent or anything, but I guess he does try and fulfill his part of that deal in his own way through face licking. It is not my dog it’s my cousin’s, which is why I say I live with him and he’s not a dog of my own.

And since my pet ferret passed away last year – and my family’s dog the year prior to that – it’s great to have that pet companionship once again, which is something that as touted as it is, may still be underrated. It is a different scenario though when you live with another person’s dog, a different relationship that at times requires the following sentence – ‘remember, this is not your dog.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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