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What’s big, furry and has a curly tail?

on March 28, 2012

By Kari Pritchard

As you may have noticed from my prior entries, I might be what is considered a “cat person.”

I’ve only ever owned cats (except for some fish and my sister’s bird) so I never really had any close relationships with dogs growing up.

In my final year of university, two of my close friends acquired a random roommate who also happened to have just gotten a German Sheppard puppy.

Since I spent a lot of time at their place, I really got to know Spike and started to see what’s to love about dogs. Sure, he was rambunctious and definitely not properly trained, but he was smart and playful so it was hard not to take a shine to him.

I have since moved home so Spike is no longer in my life, but I have made a new dog friend.

Chinook, like most huskies, always seems to be happy and smiling. All photos by Kari Pritchard.

I don’t remember the first time we met, but I know it must have been love at first sight. I’m sure he came prancing over to the door like he always does, tail wagging, big smile on his face.

You see, when I started dating my boyfriend, I basically started dating his dog – Chinook, the most adorable and loving husky – too.

Chinook, like most huskies, is pretty big and looks like a wolf, which sounds quite intimidating, but he is the total opposite. He is a big softy (literally) and will do anything to lick your hand or have you chase him around the yard.

Chinook is also special because he’s a rescue dog. Much like Spike, Chinook was owned by a student before being adopted by my boyfriend’s family.

It is suspected that Chinook was not properly taken care of by his past owner and thus blossomed his affinity toward anything made of paper.

The first time I took him for a walk by myself was when I really discovered this, as I wasn’t watching him closely enough and he managed to scarf down some litter on the sidewalk.

Chinook loves eating almost anything, both paper and bananas included.

However the best story to illustrate this point happened to my boyfriend’s youngest brother Mark and actually won him a scholarship in which he had to tell a story of how to properly manage money.

One day when he was younger, Mark went around his block and cut the grass for several of his neighbours to make some cash. When he got home, he laid his money out on his bedroom floor to count his earnings before hopping in the shower.

Upon returning to his room, low and behold the money was gone and Chinook, who had moved the baby gate that usually blocked his entrance from upstairs because he was known to get into trouble, was in its place.

In the end, Chinook was kind enough to give Mark his money back, which was cleaned before being deposited into the bank.

Despite his hijinks, Chinook is quite the charmer and has further turned me into both a cat and dog person.


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