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Whatever happened to just walking your dog on a leash?

on March 28, 2012

By Sarah Horwath

Last week I wrote about my “Doggy Hill” adventures with Oliver and how nice it is to be outside going for long walks.

Well now that the weather is nicer, that also means another thing for dog owners – seeing owners out with their dogs travelling in the latest accessories.

Here are a few photos of some of these “transportation styles” that really grind my gears.

Made famous by Paris Hilton several years ago, carrying your dog in a purse is still a trend today mainly seen on the streets of Rodeo Drive.

Courtesy of Flickr.

Louis Vuitton began to cater to celebrity dogs when he came up with his own line of dog carriers.

Courtesy of Flickr.

Just recently I discovered that your dog can now actually become your purse.

Courtesy of Flickr.

A doggy fanny pack. WTF?!

Courtesy of Flickr.

And now we move onto doggy strollers. If your dog cannot walk for long distances or has some sort of health issue, then maybe I can understand this. Otherwise, this is just silly.

Courtesy of Flickr.

Courtesy of Flickr.

Courtesy of Flickr.

Aww…there is even one for twin doggies!

Courtesy of Flickr.

A cat and a dog stroller! A two for one!

Courtesy of Flickr.

Just when you thought you couldn’t bond any more with your dog, they invented the Baby Bjorn for dogs. Why is this man trying to “own” this pose?

Courtesy of Flickr.

When I got Oliver I swore I would never dress him in clothes or carry him in a purse. Half of that promise I have stayed true to. He has worn the occasional winter coat for those extremely cold and blistery days, and he does own some boots to protect his feet from salt during winter (he has yet to let me put them on him).

So what’s wrong with just using a plain old dog leash as the only accessory your dog really needs for going on walks?

Courtesy of Flickr.

I’d be interested to see if someone can make me think otherwise. I leave the comment section open to you. Thanks for stopping by!

Courtesy of Flickr.


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