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It’s a cats life

on March 6, 2012

By Kari Pritchard

Gidget enjoys sitting on the kitchen table as well as looking out the kitchen window. All photos by Kari Pritchard

Aside from my soul mate Smokey, there is another cat in my life. Her name is Gidget, and she’s been living at my house for about seven years now.

Before Gidget became a member of the Pritchard family, she lived in North Bay. My sister’s old roommate was cat-sitting two kitties for a friend but when it came time for the cats to go home, the owner decided she only wanted one back.

Not being the type to say no to a cat, my sister said she would take her. Surprise mom and dad, another cat!

Although they weren’t thrilled at first, everybody has come to really love Gidget.

One of the most interesting things about her is how her personality has changed over time. When she first came to our house she was very skittish and only liked hanging out with my sister (I don’t like thinking about what sort of living environment made her like this).

As time progressed she started to warm up to the rest of my family and now she is quite comfortable sleeping or hanging out in almost any room in the house (although she is still a bit scared of my dad).

Gidget lost her bottom incisors in two unrelated playing incidents.

Now I must say, Gidget is very adorable. She is a petit lady with the softest fur you’ve ever felt. Not only does she have thumbs on her paws, she is also a vampire. Okay, not actually, but due to playing related injuries, her two bottom incisors have fallen out.

Gidget is also a cat of the twenty-first century. She loves TV, or at least pawing at anything that moves on the screen. She will sit on TV stand with her nose pressed up against its surface until she sees something she likes (watch out, Alex Trebek!)

She is also very tech-savvy. When she’s not chasing her tail, Gidget loves watching and playing on computers, particularly laptops. Despite her thumbs, she has yet to master typing.

She is also very curious, as many cats are. One night last month I came home and was puttering around my room for about fifteen minutes before climbing in to bed to read before going to sleep.

After sitting still for a few minutes, I heard a rustling noise and assumed that my little princess was goofing around under my bed and I waited for her to emerge. When the sound continued, I peeked over the edge of my bed to find a paw sticking out the bottom of my dresser.

Not only is she adorable, she is also very crafty.

To this day I still don’t know how she got under there or even how long she was trapped there for. Any drawers that were open were stuffed with clothes and I had to pull one out to set her free. There’s only about a two-inch gap at the bottom that she could have squeezed through to get under, leaving me baffled. I’ll leave you with this video of another kitty as food for thought.


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