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My purrfect companion

on February 15, 2012

By Kari Pritchard

Meet Smokey, who can almost always be found in a patch of sunlight if there's one around.

Believe it or not, my cat is my oldest friend. I can still remember our first meeting almost nineteen years ago. My mom and nana took my sister and I to pick out our very own cat from the Toronto Humane Society.

After perusing various cages and checking out cats big and small, we ended up falling in love with a blackish-grey kitten with matching white paws, belly and stripe down his nose.

My mom dubbed him Smokey and the rest was history. At first, as I imagine most cats being transplanted into a new home, he was a little shy.

But as the days and years passed we showered him with love and food, making him the cuddly, 18-pound cat he is today.

In his heyday, Smokey was an outdoor cat who didn’t know how to back down from a fight. If you ever heard the familiar baby cry late at night, you knew Smokey was defending his honour. On multiple occasions my family and I found ourselves outside breaking up a cat fight with a spray of water from a hose.

As time progressed other pets came and went but I must admit Smokey is secretly my favourite. He’s always there for me when I need him and I try to reciprocate the favour when he meows for attention or begs for food at the dinner table.

People are almost always amazed when I tell them how old Smokey is (coming up on the big 1-9 this May). They are then even further amazed to find out he has been living with diabetes for almost ten years. He eats special food for diabetic cats, requires an insulin shot twice a day and the odd blood check.

For a cat so old he has cataracts in his eyes, a floppy benign tumor hanging by a thread just below his right ear and the ability to rarely hit the target in the litter box, he has championed his diabetes.

Despite his often crass outer appearance of ruffled (or rugged) fur and crooked front paw (he has some arthritis) he is truly a softy and will be your friend if you’re willing to spend some time scratching his tummy or behind his ears.

Often when he appears in a room seemingly meowing (very loudly and erratically) at nothing, simply picking him up and reminding him how much he means to me will tame his kitty woes.

Smokey is quite literally my oldest friend and although we have had our ups and downs over the last 18 years, his furry face will always have a very special place in my heart.


One response to “My purrfect companion

  1. Salem Alaton says:

    A touching description which, however personal, will find echoes in many people’s experiences with a pet they grew up with.

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